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How long should my marketing video be?

A four-minute marketing video might seem perfect to tell your story, but it’s a good idea to discuss your options before investing.

According to some experts, the average attention span of a typical internet user is 8 seconds, and data shows that it could shrink even more!

The information-age, along with technology, have limited our ability to focus on one concept or idea for longer than a few moments at a time. Have you ever carefully selected a show to watch, only to find yourself scrolling aimlessly through Instagram? It’s a common phenomenon which has inspired many a meme.

Our limited attention spans have forced businesses to evolve, especially when it comes to marketing. With less time to make an impression, it’s important to stand out. A well-timed marketing video can catch the attention of potential clients, and ensure they stay engaged in your brand.

Brief stories are often more easily viewed and shared. A set of 30-60 second videos, released as an ongoing series, is a great way to engage users and potential clients. You can share multiple brand-focused stories or unveil a longer narrative over time.

Conversely, a long-form marketing video isn’t out of the question. In fact, an engaging 3-to-5-minute story could easily gain more traction than a short, poorly executed commercial. It’s not the length of a video that matters… it’s how it feels to the viewer.

Regardless, you want people to be moved by your content – and to share it with others. This is how you grow your client base and stay relevant.

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