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Radio Advertising

Radio Is Not Dead

The first AM radio broadcasts were transmitted in the 1920s. Since then, radio has been an important and dynamic medium for advertisers.

With growing interest in new forms of media, there has been a shift away from traditional platforms like radio advertising. However, it would be detrimental to write it off completely. We would even go so far as to say it could be a critical element of your overall marketing plan.

A 2019 article by Nielsen, a global measurement and data analytics company, shows that radio advertising continues to reach more consumers than other platforms. 92% of Americans tune in weekly. It wouldn’t be a far stretch to believe Canadians engage at similar numbers. In fact, in Toronto alone, radio stations had 5.64 million listeners last year.

Another benefit of radio is that it has mass appeal. Over 90% of teens and adults over 25 listen to the radio. Radio advertising has the potential to reach a diverse audience.

Most consumers listen while they’re in the car or commuting. This is beneficial since your target demographic is on the go and closer to the point of purchase. For this reason alone, radio advertising is perfect for boosting ad campaigns and increasing brand recognition.

If you would like to explore the benefits of radio advertising, we would be happy to help! We can help you navigate an affordable media buy and make sure your advertising dollars are spent effectively and with results.

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