Video Marketing – New Canadians Centre

VIDEO MARKETING – The New Canadians Centre – The Living Library Project

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The Living Library features immigrants with unique and compelling stories of transition, settlement, and belonging. Organizations can “check-out” or book a featured immigrant to share their story at a gathering, staff event, in classrooms, or special occasions and learn more about their immigrant experience and culture. The New Canadians Centre wanted to provide interested parties with an example of what each storyteller had to offer.
We liked the idea of using video marketing in the form of "talking head" interviews. Video marketing provides the client with shareable content that has the capacity to educate and inspire. Since the these were meant to be teasers, or brief synopses, we kept the interviews clean and simple. We focused on the individuals themselves, and the stories they had to share.
Project Type
Impact Communications
Mike Melnik
Filmography and Post Production
Jeremy Kelly
  • A series of marketing videos